Cut The Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope: Magic was the free app of the week, so I downloaded it Tuesday and had plowed through it by Friday 🙂

Lush colors and adorable animation & sound make for a very enjoyable experience. The puzzles are challenging but not so difficult that it impedes your progress. You simply want to get the candy, and, to be a rock star, you want to collect the three stars in each level before you do it. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the different elements that influence each puzzle: elemental (wind, water, bubbles), animals (a bird’s flight, a mouse’s constant advance, or a dragon’s sneeze), cutting ropes, leveling mass, and always, always timing your actions.

This game brought constant fun and I’m excited for new maps as they’re released.

I’m not really sure why the blue exclamation points keep showing up on these three maps. I completed all the levels and star collection, and the icons disappear when I click on the maps individually, but they keep coming back. No clue. Probably a programming glitch, unless I’m missing something 😉

Overall review: 9/10

Favorite challenge: completing the levels without needing the aid of a Level Solution or Google.

Goddess Review: “Cut the ropes and free yourself from the baggage of your past. Also, eat candy.”


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