My First 24 Hours With MarioKart 8

After being completely absorbed with Zelda: Breath of the Wild for weeks on end, it’s been nice to take a break from Hyrule and shred some gravel.

MarioKart 8 does exactly what BOTW does for old-school gamers: delivers what you loved from its earlier iterations with new flare and absorption.

Gorgeous animation allows you to feel very connected with the gameplay.  I personally love when you get to immerse in water and then have water drip off your screen when you arise out of it.  Rollercoaster-esque trails have a similarly fun impact on your adrenaline and stomach and falling off of courses like the iconic Rainbow Road (which is available for you in three versions) feels just like my reoccurring  driving-off-the-freeway dreams lol

Many complain about the small controllers & buttons, and at first, I was concerned about the discomfort that was almost immediately present when holding down the accelerating button.  BUT, Nintendo has us covered with a few custom features.  There’s an auto-accelerate option that frees you from needing to hold down a button for an entire race at a time and allows you to focus on more tactical maneuvering instead.  I LOVE this feature.  If you’re not into tilting your controllers to move, you can turn that feature off and just use the joystick like you’re used to.  And if you’re not adventurous like me and don’t want to find hidden paths alongside the track, then you can turn on the Smart Steering feature which will keep you on course when you start to veer from it.  These are all super convenient and user-friendly.

Of course there’s always at least one thing that’ll bug you.  For me, it’s the damn octopus ink.


The most direct route I found for Yoshi’s Valley is to turn left at the first fork and then take a semi-hidden bridge immediately on the left.  You can see that by the end, I’ve left everyone in the dust 🙂

First Impression Review: 8/10

Favorite Yoshi: Dark Blue

Goddess Review: “Find your center, and be prepared to lose it almost immediately.”


2 thoughts on “My First 24 Hours With MarioKart 8”

    1. It’s super fun – and since I’ve finally upgraded, my brother won’t laugh at me for busting out my 64 anymore 😉 I’m buying all games outright since the virtual games will hog all the storage. I don’t feel like buying memory cards yet… Hope you love the game too!!


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