Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Trial of the Sword (Beginning)

If you downloaded the new Zelda: BOTW DLC Pass, and you’re looking for some help with the Trial of the Sword – Beginning Trials, read on!

Beginning Trials

Underground Floor 1

Obstacles: Three Bokoblins dancing around a fire.
Best Path to Completion: Walk forward and pick up the tree branch just to the right of the tree in front of you.  Then move forward to the next tree in front of that in direct line with the Bokoblin camp and pick up a second tree branch.  Climb that tree and grab the two eggs in the bird’s nest.  Paraglide down to the large tree log next to their camp on the right which is holding up their weapons (a spear, an ax, a club, and a shield.)  Drop down and grab all four before they can get to them.  I chose to fight them with the spear first so you keep a good distance from their swings and rocks, but then switched to the tree branches as weapons after that breaks.  They’ll be dead quickly and you’ll have a club and an ax left. Go break the two crates and two barrels and collect the spoils.  Then pick up the meat roasting on the fire and cook the rest of your food from the crates/barrels over the fire.  Feel free to cut down a tree and gather the wood pile(s) for later.  Proceed to portal.

Underground Floor 2

Obstacles: Four Bokoblins, two with bows and two with melee weapons, and a large Fire Chuchu.
Best Path to Completion: Walk briskly to your right and climb the first tree you touch.  Then paraglide down to the Bokoblin with the bow on the pedestal to the right.  Drop down to the right of the pedestal, break open the two barrels with your ax, collect the two 5x packs of arrows, switch to the club, climb up the pedestal, and beat the Bokoblin.  His bow will drop down to the ground, so jump down and get it.  Don’t bother with trying to shoot down the bridge – just run over to the fire path that the Fire Chuchu has laid out as it meanders towards you, use the fumes from the fire to paraglide up into the air towards the tree house that the remaining three Bokoblins are hanging out in, and then decide your approach.  You could pull out our arrow mid air to slow time and put some well aimed arrows into their snouts, or smash down with your club and hit them until they drop their superior weapons.  When all is done, you’ll have a larger club, a sword and shield, and another low-grade bow.  Break the two crates to gather more food/arrows, then make a judgement call: use the trail of fire to light your collect bundle of wood to roast more food, or just kill the Chuchu and get out of there.  Proceed to portal.

Underground Floor 3

Obstacles: One small Chuchu, four small Fire Chuchus, and four large Fire Chuchu – in three waves.
Best Path to Completion: There are a lot of rocks scattered around this floor.  If you don’t want to waste arrows or weapons, well timed and aimed rock throws will take care of all of the Chuchus for you.  Note that there are two out-of-reach wooden shelves placed on two of the four surrounding walls across from each other.  Each hold a treasure chest.  So, you’ll need to hold an arrow and aim in down towards the fire from a Fire Chuchu in order to destroy each shelf.  I found it to be easiest to take out three of the four small Fire Chuchus and then go get the two treasure chests.  You’ll receive a boomerang and a set of five fire arrows.  Take out the remaining Fire Chuchus and proceed to the portal.

Underground Floor 4

Obstacles: Four Bokoblins and three Blue Bokoblins, some with fire arrows.
Best Path to Completion: There’s a very large pedestal with attached ladder to your left. Get as close to it as you can stealthily, and then gun it to the ladder – jumping periodically to speed up the climb.  The Bokoblins will sound the alarm and start firing at you, so the quicker you ascend, the less likely you are to get hit.  There’s one blue Bokoblin at the top, so take him out with a few melee slashes – he’ll probably drop his Bokospear off the side, but you can get it later.  Don’t hit the explosive barrels during this small fight!  Once he’s taken care of, move one barrel towards the edge of the platform facing the many-tiered structure that houses the remaining Bokoblins.  Using Stasis, stop time on the selected barrel and hit it three times to aim at the platform closest to you with one blue Bokoblin.  Use four hits if you want to aim behind the front platform to another blue Bokoblin.  Do this for all three barrels to delegate damage that best suits your preference.  From then on, user’s choice.  I took out the first blue Bokoblin and then would fly down to his platform to get his weapons and the spoils from the crates nearby.  Then I would head back to the pedestal to take out some red Bokoblins with newly acquired arrows.  But however you want to approach it, just eliminate the enemies.  Note that a large tree to the left (if you’re standing on the pedestal facing the large structure) has a bird’s nest with two eggs – so don’t leave those behind.  Proceed to portal.

Underground Floor 5

Obstacles: Two Moblins and three blue Bokoblins
Best Path to Completion: The Moblins are walking towards your spawn location, so make a beeline for a tree on your left and climb up without bringing attention to yourself.  Once the Moblin on the left is moving away from you, waft over to the skull structure that houses the Blue Bokoblins and climb up to the top.  I know it’s slow, but to conserve items, I just threw down round bombs until everyone was destroyed.  At first, I would take advantage of the explosive barrels hanging out in the skull cave, but soon I realized that I wanted to keep my food fresh and weapons untarnished.  So, that was my approach.  Slow and steady wins the race, man.  Proceed to freakin portal.

Underground Floor 6

Obstacles: One Stone Talus.
Best Path to Completion: A few approaches exist, including some explosive barrels and metal crates.  But I’m old fashioned.  Just approach that bolder, climb around back, and use one of your beefy clubs on the ore.  It’ll throw you, but the damage is minimal and you’ll get through this battle quicker and more effectively than any fancy method that threatens to waste you.  There’s nothing in the crates, so just proceed to the portal when he’s gone.

Underground Floor 7

Obstacles: None.
Best Path to Completion: Some glorious reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the day.  Sneak up on the fairy first, it sucks when you scare it off.  Then collect the weapons and food from the treasure chests and crates, pick up the mushrooms and two apples on the other side, and get the three fish in the pond.  Cook up some meals to optimize heart restoration and be on your way.  I don’t use the fairy for cooking because I like to have it on hand in a pinch if I get too gutsy and forget to fight more with stealth & cleverness rather than brute force.  Might not be a bad idea to chop down a tree and collect some wood bundles for roasting some more food in later stages if you run through your meals because of aforementioned brute force.

Underground Floor 8

Obstacles: Two Lizalfos, two blue Lizalfos, and one large Electric Chuchu hanging out like an unveiled threat.
Best Path to Completion: Swim over to the large stone structure to your left and climb to the top.  If you can lure the three Lizalfos by the fire and the Electric Chuchu towards the water (with a few arrows shot in that direction without hitting them) and then shoot the Chuchu, you can get a more powerful electrical shock on your enemies.  Then, you can continue your aerial attack (noting that the Lizalfos can shoot you with water from where they are) or fly down and take ’em out.  User choice.  From there, collect the weapons and food before heading to the circle of rocks in the water nearby.  Use Magnesis to pull a treasure chest out of the water and collect some arrows.  Then take out the bow-shooting Lizalfos on the large rock slab and finally the one on the landing that houses the portal.  I found that it was best to use spears to take them out.  Keeps you at a safe distance while not using your more elite weapons.

Underground Floor 9

Obstacles: Two Water Octoroks and one Electric Wizzrobe dancing about.
Best Path to Completion: Take out the close Octorok to your right immediately, as he begins firing at you as soon as you spawn.  There’s a grouping of rocks to your left that has a floating wooden treasure chest in the center.  Push it towards one of the rocks so you can stand while still in the water and then open the chest to get ten arrows.  Then swim to the large rock structure and climb it to fire an arrow at the second Octorok that’s further away.  There is a metal crate in the water that you could use to hide behind or wield towards the Wizzrobe, but I found the best approach to use Stasis when he’s close by and then do several fast melee strikes or face shots with your arrows.  You’ll only need to do this two to three times before he’s done and you get a new Lightening Rod.  Go get that crate though.  It usually has one arrow in it.  Swim around and collect your poorly aimed arrows and then proceed to the portal.

Underground Floor 10

Obstacles: One Blue Lizalfos and two Black Lizalfos.
Best Path to Completion: You’ll spawn right in the path of the Blue Lizalfos, so I used Stasis to freeze him and shoot him in the face with one arrow before running up towards him and making a few more attacks his way before the other two catch on to the fight.  Again, I find it easier to fight these flighty f#%*ers with spears instead of close range attacks.  There’s some crates and explosive barrels up on platforms with stilts, but in my haste, I didn’t find a great way to incorporate them into this battle.  They have the upper hand in the water, so any attempt to swim over and try to climb up to the barrels is futile.  You.  Will.  Lose.  Everything.  (Spoken in the lazy drawl of Voldemort.)  Anyway.  Kill those three, loot the room, and kick open the door – I mean, proceed to the portal.  (If you didn’t get my Munchkin joke, we’re not friends anymore.)

Underground Floor 11

Obstacles: A bunch of freakin Bokoblins of different shades and one Black Moblin on top.
Best Path to Completion: There’s a raft on your right tied on by rope.  Slice the rope and get moving.  Some fire arrows will start hurling at you, so take out those pig snouts with your excellent marksmanship before they smother you.  You’ll have attacks from both sides as you glide towards another big tree house of sorts.  Don’t worry about what they leave behind, just proceed forward after you’ve killed all the scouts.  This is about the time you start thinking you’re hot sh*t and just want to run in swinging, but take it easy man.  Stealth is still your best approach.  When you get up to the Moblin, well timed Perfect Dodges and flurry attacks is your best bet.  Otherwise, keep your distance by leaving the hierarchy structure and finding a platform to attack him from afar.  His hits bring a lot of damage, and you’ve come so far to throw it all away with bravado.  After he’s gone, go search around for goods.  There’s three groupings of stones, but only the one by where you spawned has a treasure chest in it.  Believe me – I checked.  I know you’ll look anyway.  Skeptic.  Proceed to the portal and your final battle for the Beginning Level.

Underground Floor 12

Obstacles: One Blue Hinox, sleeping as always.
Best Path to Completion: There’s a metal crate hiding in the water that you can pull into place between you and the Hinox.  Position it first, then fling an arrow at the beast.  With the decline in terrane, you can stand behind the crate and aim arrows at his eye over and over without be noticed.  15 to 20 arrows later, you’re the victor and your Master Sword increases by 10!  There’s some palm fruit up in the trees, but if you didn’t need them before the battle commenced, you don’t need them now – since you’ll lose everything you collected when you get back to reality.  Great work and see you back for the Middle Trials!


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